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Help your child reach their maximum potential in their chosen sport.

"Exactly what sports can you offer 1 to 1 coaching for, and does it matter how long they've been participating or how good they are at  it ? "

"We can provide a qualified and experienced coach for most sports who can help children of any  ability or experience in their preferred sport, we can tailor and deliver sessions  specifically for your child"

One to One coaching provides an unrivalled service, developing the individual by focusing on him or her alone.


The player can be coached and developed at a pace that is suitable to them without the outside influences or even distractions of other players.


A programme is developed to address any key areas that an athlete needs help with, normally on a weekly basis with feedback given to both participant and parent. Sessions are tailor-made specifically for that person whether it be from advanced technical practice for older participants to simply going back to basics with younger players getting them “up to speed” both technically and mentally.


The sessions address all aspects of the athlete's needs, and we believe instilling confidence in participants is usually the key in ensuring they enjoy the sport. By making athletes understand why they do things it makes it easy for them to make the right decisions in competition.







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